Welcome to Oudtshoorn Gunsports and Glen McGill Gunsmith’s home page. I love old guns and have on offer, a nice selection of old and historically important firearms for interest to the collector and sportsman.

I am a gunsmith, fully qualified, trade tested and licensed in terms of SA legislation. The services I offer are listed below. 
·         New and pre owned firearm sales with the accent on collectable firearms
·         Specialist gunsmith services
·         Gunstock making, repairs and refurbishment, incl. checkering and gunstock carving
·         Firearm restoration services, including antique gun repair and restoration
·         Original cold blue and browning of gun parts
·         Gun part manufacture
·         Silencer and suppressor manufacturer
·         Custom built firearms
·         Custom built muzzle loading firearms
·         Firearm deactivations
·         Firearm storage
·         Identification, certification and firearm valuations


Who am I?

I am a one man business. My passion is old guns, especially muzzle loading firearms, which I restore, refurbish and manufacture. I hand build a historically correct copy of the Cape Bobbejaanboud rifle, either with a rifled barrel suitable for hunting or in a smooth bore configuration. Other types that I’ve built are correct copies of American long rifles as well as English sporting rifles and shotguns. Much of the parts of these old guns are made in house (excluding barrel and lock), this in order to a achieve level of authenticity as close as possible to the original. I have designed and built my own in line muzzle loading rifles and will build these on request to customer specifications. I also undertake the finishing of muzzle loading gun kits from reputable makers.

Feel free to contact me with any queries. I will help where I can.

Glen McGill
044 2792007

Shop 7
Seppie Greeff Building
76 Voortrekker street